Language Camp 2011

Språkläger 2011

We had a blast! That is the easiest way to sum it all up.

One week in Unnaryd with 45 kids ages 13-15, 22 from Estonia, 19 from Poland and 4 from Sweden. We stayed at the Wildlife and Nature Collage where the kids slept in classrooms. Next time, in three years, we will have one more classroom because we were a bit to crowded and also all of the teachers will be staying at the school. This time all the student room were being renovated so only one of us could stay there.

The week had lessons and trips to Tiraholm’s Fisk, Tira Öar and Halmstad. The lessons were mostly made up of fun and games, not tradtional lessons with learning words, grammar and reading texts.

The kids organized discos three nights out of six. We played brännboll and watched movies.

The last evening we had smörgåstårta (sandwich cake) and everybody got a certificate showing their participation. Thank you Ronny Löfquist for helping us make the evening a success.

Next year we will meet again in Estonia!


Snabbsumering på svenska.

Vi hade en underbar vecka i Unnaryd där vi bodde på Vildmarksgymnasiet. 45 ungdomar från Polen, Estland och Sverige. Vi hade lektione och utflykter på schemat och på fritiden tittade vi på film, grillade, spelade brännboll och ordnade disco. Nästa år är det Estlands tur att ordna lägret så jag hoppas att återse så många som möjligt då.



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